All-Spiced-Up Beef Pot Roast with Cherries & Prunes


All Spiced Up Beef Pot Roast with Cherries and Prunes


I adore spices. All kinds of spices. You might even say I’m a spice fanatic. I am constantly collecting them. Every time I see a new spice I haven’t tried before I must have it. And when I get it home I use it in everything I can think of. Spices can take any boring run-of-the-mill piece of meat or vegetable and turn it into something flavorful and delicious.

This roast is made with a fascinating combination of spices and slow-cooked until tender and juicy. If you don’t have all the spices called for in the recipe, omit some or replace with something else. Use your nose to test your combination. Cooking is a lot about experimentation and spices are the adventure!

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Lemony Chickpea Polenta Cakes with Warm Roasted Red Pepper Salsa


Lemony Chickpea Polenta Cakes


Fall is in the air! Even here in sunny southern California, I can feel the nice chill in the early morning. Being from Indiana, I do miss the changing of the leaves and the earthy damp smell of the autumn ground. I feel a longing for the changing of the season yet at the same time I want to hold on to the freshness and lightness of the Southern California sun. This is how this recipe was born.


This recipe captures both my love for fall and my desire to showcase summer freshness. However, this would be great served any time of year. You can make the cakes and sauce ahead of time for a quick and easy weeknight meal. Bon appétit!

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