15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love

It’s December and that means you only have a few weeks left to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Chances are you have at least one self-proclaimed foodie on that list… It may even be you. So, I’ve put together a list of some of the best and most unique gifts for foodies that you can find. There’s even a coupon code below for $3 off farm-fresh California Avocados shipped right to your door for a savings of up to 15%!

1. Specialty Sea Salts from the Salt Farm

From $10

Add a little flare to each dish with flavors like Beet & Tarragon, Havana Spice, Ginger Sesame, Truffle and Applewood Smoked. Customize a sampler by ordering through their Etsy store (or find them at San Diego farmer’s markets)

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


2. Bitters Sample Pack


For the budding mixologist in your life. This sample pack of bitters includes seven different bitters to get their cocktail shaker shaking

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


3. Herb Stripper


Perfect for that tedious job of stripping all the goodness off the herb stems, this makes a fabulous foodie stocking stuffer.

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


4. California Avocados Direct

From $19.95

My friends over at California Avocados Direct will hand pick and select only the finest avocados from their family farm to ship anywhere in the US in a double box with extra padding guaranteeing only the finest quality.

**SPECIAL FOR BARBARA COOKS READERS: $3.00 off with coupon code “barbaracooks” (does not apply to shipping or monthly subscriptions)**

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


5. Foodie Dice


Even foodies get stumped sometimes when figuring out what to eat next. Help them out with this foodie dice designed to solve all food combination dilemmas.

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


6. OXO Kitchen Tools

From $4.99

OXO kitchen tools are some of the most innovative in the industry. From a mandoline to a pineapple slicer and a cookie press to salad spinner, you are sure to find that must-have kitchen tool they never knew they needed. They even made THIS HANDY GIFT GUIDE to help you!

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


7. Future Foodie Onesie


Who says babies can’t be foodies? Keep those little ones stylin’ with this foodie goodie.

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love

Spunky Stork – etsy.com

8. Vitamix

From $409

OK, so this one may not be the most unique item and it surely isn’t in everyone’s budget but I had to include it because it was my Christmas gift to myself this year and it seriously rocks. This thing is so powerful and will chop, blend, puree and even heat in no time at all. TIP: the best price I found is at Costco (are you surprised?)

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


9. Mouth Subscription

From $150

Pickles every month club? How about cookies, jerky or gin? Mouth has the most unique monthly subscriptions tailored to fit that foodie who has a special affection for something offbeat.

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


10. Exotic Fruit Basket from Melissa’s Produce


It’s not secret I love Melissa’s Produce. They have some of the most unique and exotic produce on the market and to top it off, the company and people who work for the company are amazeballs. This exotic fruit basket will be a favorite centerpiece to any foodie’s table.

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


11AromaFork Flavor Enhancer 


For those who like to play with their food, this may be THE ultimate foodie gift. This fork includes an absorbent pad into which you place an “essence”. The smell mixes with the food you eat to create interesting flavors and an unforgettable eating experience.

 15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love



12. Bountiful Cookbook from the White on Rice Couple


Every foodie loves a good dose of food porn. No that’s not naked people doing crazy things with food, but rather beautiful pictures of delicious food to make your mouth water. The blogging duo, White on Rice Couple has the ultimate food porn book, with gorgeous photos and delightful recipes inspired by their home garden.

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


13. Bamboo Cutting Board


Every cook needs a good cutting board. Bamboo is perfect because of its antimicrobial properties, sleek look and environmental friendliness. I love this one from Totally Bamboo because of the ridge around the edge.

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


14. Cheese Bag and Tray Set


We all have that friend who is obsessed with cheese. You know, the one who always brings the cheese plate to the party and excitedly describes the nuances of every one with gusto. Help them keep their cheeses at their best with these cheese bags and trays.

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


15. Donut Leggings


Oh yeah, I went there. Forget the cronut, these donut leggings are much slicker and bonus – they’re calorie free! In case you don’t want to bare it all, it comes in a sweatshirt too.

15 Unique Gifts Foodies Will Love


Countless more can be added to this list and I’m looking to you to tell me what your favorite foodie gifts are. Let me know in the comments below!


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